Jumat, 30 Juni 2006

June Weddings and other great stories

BURNING QUESTION OF THE WEEK: "Is it more effective to pray than to study the tenets of a religion when seeking a spiritual home community?"June has always been a traditionally busy month for weddings. And you've probably had your share of them this month. "Hints for Happy Marriage" is a wonderful article that teaches couples how to bring God into their lives. Paul Dion reflects on church

Kamis, 22 Juni 2006

"Make God Your Home" and other great stories

BURNING QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Check out this interesting question about certain culinary preferences.The mystery of the Eucharist takes center stage this issue with last Sunday's feast of the Corpus Christi. New York Cardinal Edgar Egan used the feast as a chance to explain the meaning of some of the Church's central rituals. At the Vatican, Pope Benedict explained that the Eucharist is the

Kamis, 15 Juni 2006

It's Corpus Christi Sunday! And 1 million hits at ParishWorld!

BURNING QUESTION OF THE WEEK: "What is not right about this chain email?" Click here to see the email and to give us your thoughts.We are thrilled to announce that ParishWorld has eclipsed 1 million hits since we launched our current model last January. That's over 600,000 pages read by you, our readers - over 600,000 pages of evangelization in action. We thank you for your patronage. Please

Kamis, 08 Juni 2006

It's Holy Trinity Sunday!

Burning Question of the Week: Given a choice, will you vote for Abortion or Gay Marriage? Share your thoughts with us.We are experiencing great growth in ParishWorld. We have a report that says the Internet, our chosen medium for evangelization, is now the #1 media in the world. In another report, it's apparent that religion is now getting immersed into the mainstream media. And that's a good

Kamis, 01 Juni 2006

Happy Birthday to the Catholic Church!

Burning Question of the Week: IS JESUS AND GOD THE SAME? Check it out.This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Catholic Church, the time when the apostles, touched by the Holy Spirit, went out to begin preaching God's message to the world. We have a story that depicts just how that first Pentecost might have transpired.Earlier in the week, Pope Benedict visited Poland and upon