Kamis, 29 April 2010

"I give you a new commandment: love one another"

CATHOLIC LIVING TODAYFifth Sunday in Easter (5EasterC), May 2, 2010BURNING QUESTION: Who is your neighbor?FEATURED BLOG: Clarifying the Confusion on ConfirmationPRIEST STORIES: A Vocations-Aware ParishPASTORAL HISPANA: Nuestro Amor se Asemeja al de DiosDear Friends,In this Sunday's Readings, Jesus tells his disciples in this passage from the Last Supper Discourse that he will be with them only a

Kamis, 22 April 2010

"My sheep hear my voice"

CATHOLIC LIVING TODAY"My sheep hear my voice"Fourth Sunday in Easter (4EasterC), April 25, 2010BURNING QUESTION: Believe in God or in the Church?FEATURED BLOG: Learning the Spiritual Dimension of the Holy MassPRIESTS STORIES: A Bishop in the Father's HeartPASTORAL HISPANA: ¿Qué significa seguir a Jesús? Dear Friends,The fourth Sunday of Easter is “Good Shepherd Sunday.” The Gospel Reading gives

Kamis, 15 April 2010

"Feed my sheep"

CATHOLIC LIVING TODAY"Feed my sheep"Third Sunday in Easter (3EasterC), April 18, 2010BURNING QUESTION: Can we the sinful be part of Jesus’ mission?FEATURED BLOG: Rediscovering the Sacramental SensePRIEST STORIES: Pope - World Needs Voice of Teacher-PriestsPASTORAL HISPANA: Dios llega adonde nos encontramosDear Friends,When the curtain goes up on Sunday's Gospel, the apostles are back in Galilee

Kamis, 08 April 2010

"Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed."

CATHOLIC LIVING TODAYSecond Sunday in Easter (2EasterC), April 11, 2010Burning Question: Should you Confess before Communion?Featured Blog: Easter is not a low-budget Christmas Priests Stories: From Math Teacher to ArchbishopPastoral Hispana: La Iglesia de JesúsDear Friends,On this Second Sunday of Easter, we always hear the Gospel of Doubting Thomas proclaimed. This Gospel always leaves us

Kamis, 01 April 2010

"They have taken the Lord from the tomb"

CATHOLIC LIVING TODAYEaster Sunday (EasterC), April 4, 2010BURNING QUESTION: What two Sacraments were insituted on Holy Thursday?FEATURED BLOG: Contemplation and Meditation? What's the Difference?Dear Friends:This Sunday the Gospel Readings describes that first Easter Sunday when Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb of Jesus early in the morning and sees that the stone had been removed from the tomb.