Kamis, 27 Mei 2010

"I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now."

CATHOLIC LIVING TODAY Holy Trinity Sunday (HolyTrinityC), May 30, 2010BURNING QUESTION: What is Virtue?FEATURED BLOG: On Proper Dress for MassPRIESTS STORIES: Letters to PriestsPASTORAL HISPANA: La Santisima Trinidad es la Mejor ComunidadDear Friends,This Sunday we celebrate the revelation that He is three persons in one God — Father, Son and Spirit. This wasn’t handed down from the mountain in

Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

"As the Father has sent me, so I send you."

CATHOLIC LIVING TODAY Pentecost Sunday (PentecostC), May 23, 2010BURNING QUESTION: How do you answer when asked if you're Christian?FEATURED BLOG: Because we might be entertaining angelsPASTORAL HISPANA: Espiritu Santo es el motor que empuja nuestra IglesiaDear Friends,This Sunday our Readings celebrate Pentecost Sunday - the culmination of the fifty days of Easter, the day when Jesus sent the

Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

"You are witnesses of these things."

CATHOLIC LIVING TODAY "You are witnesses of these things."Seventh Sunday in Easter (AscensionC), May 16, 2010BURNING QUESTION: What are the 5 reasons we pray?FEATURED BLOG: Today’s spontaneous = Tomorrow’s repetitiousPRIESTS STORIES: "May the Church Be Renewed By Holy Priests" PASTORAL HISPANA: Jesus subiendo al cielo lleva nuestras esperanzas Dear Friends,Some dioceses will be celebrating the

Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

"Whoever loves me will keep my word"

CATHOLIC LIVING TODAYSixth Sunday in Easter (6EasterC), May 9, 2010BURNING QUESTION: What is the Holy Spirit in your life?FEATURED STORY: What's bringing so many Catholics home?PRIEST STORIES: Priests aren't immune to temptations PASTORAL HISPANA: El Espiritu Santo nos Recordara TodoDear Friends,In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that he is leaving them and returning to the Father.